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Pyriproxyfen, a novel insect growth regulator, was successfully developed by Sumitomo Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., which acts as a juvenile hormone for insects, and has the effect of inhibiting mosquitoes, larvae, and feathering. Mosquito and fly larvae are exposed to the drug and basically die in the flood season and cannot be feathered. The drug has a long-lasting effect of about 1 month, and is easy to use and has no odor. It is a good anti-mosquito and fly drug.

Product name

Structural formula

Chemical Name


CAS No.: 95737-68-1

Molecular formula: C20H19NO3

4-phenoxyphenyl (RS)-2-(2-pyridyloxy)propyl ethe


97% pyriproxy TECH's Item / Index:



Pyriproxyfen content %


Moisture %


Acetone insolubles%


PH range



Off-white solid powder



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